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Jdeideh Sin el Fil Blvd, Mardini Centre Bloc P, Beirut - Lebanon
Tel:+961 1 487728-487731-487734-491111
Fax: +961 1 487735
Join Leather Lebanon, Genuine Leather Lebanon, Leather Supplier Lebanon
Join Leather Lebanon, Genuine Leather Lebanon, Leather Supplier Lebanon

is one of the largest leather trading specialists in Lebanon with an enormous variety of leather in color, type and stamp. It has been in the market for over 85 years. Founded in 1927 under other names, until the year 1995 when it has taken MARDINI LEATHER TRADE as its current. It specializes in offering Lebanon and nearby countries top quality and service.


1. We cover all needs of leather for different sectors: shoes, belts, bags, garments, upholstery, cars and all other leather accessories the mind can ever think of.
2. All leather demands are in stock, what you see is what you buy. Special requests are delivered in no time.
3. We sell mainly leather, as well as components, including all colors and sizes of threads. This clarifies our huge selection of different designs, multiple colors and trends, and various types of leather.
4. Leather is imported mostly from Italy, which explains our top quality and high grade. Other top quality importing countries are Spain, India and Pakistan.
5. We are so confident that our prices are low relating to our top quality and service.
6. We deliver right to your door all your needs of leather.
7. Being in the market for over 85 years, we have the expertise to advise you in what to buy based on our knowledge of the products including the characteristics of the leather we sell following every person's needs.
8. Your feedback is taken into consideration with all the help we can provide you.